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Hostal / Hostel

El Fin del Afán

Jericó, Antioquia - COLOMBIA


Welcome to El Fin del Afán

We are three partners, Mariana and John are a couple, David and Mariana are cousins, John and David are friends. In love with the traveling world, we decided to start our hotel dream in a magical town in the coffee-growing mountains of Colombia, a town that looks like a postcard: Jericó, Antioquia 🌿💚. We thought it was an ideal place to give free rein to what we need so much, slow down life and spread the Slow philosophy with those who visit us.

Hostal/Hostel El fin del Afán - Jericó - Antioquia


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A good end... El fin del afán

We are only a block and a half from the main park of Jericó. Between Comfama and Cien escalas. In charge of the transport company Jerturismo (Tuk Tuk). We offer you comfortable and cozy shared rooms, an equipped kitchen, hot shower and free Wi-Fi. In addition, we have board games, a library and different spaces designed for you to relax.

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Savor authentic Colombian cuisine with arepas and empanadas, join themed events, enjoy exciting film series and perfect your Spanish with our intensive courses (Basic o Intermediate).

Discover, learn and enjoy with us at every moment!

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Things to do in Jericó

Immerse yourself in Jericó, where history comes to life. Explore colorful streets, marvel at its colonial architecture and taste the coffee essence in each cup. Discover adventures in nature, rivers and waterfalls. Your unforgettable journey starts here!


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